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Poplar Creek Banquet Room
Dec 20, 2018 12:00 PM
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Bulletin Editor
Don Shoecraft
Sue Winks was named President Elect-Elect to succeed President-Elect Anne Campbell Thursday and will join the following slate of officers for 2019-20:
Anne Campbell, President
Matt Lau, Secretary
Chuck Osborn, Treasurer
Rachel Meyer, Sgt. at Arms
Jeff Bass, Sgt. at Arms
New board members also were approved. They are:
Jake Nguyen
Oscar Lopez-Guerra
Mitch Williams
Angel Riley
They will join the following continuing board members:
Cathy Levitt
Erin Sinclair
Paul Karson
Dave Skromme
Congratulations and good luck to returning and new board members, and a special Spinnings thanks to Sue Winks. We’re gonna have a lotta fun with that name!
Thank you also to the Nominating Committee members who successfully put together the slate and obtained unanimous consent of members for the new officers. They are: President Bruce Bean, Don Leydig, Sheila Canzian, Tony Villanueva, Mike Peterson, Chris Eckert, Anne LeClair and Anne Campbell.
It’s hard to do justice to the diligent crew who spend 50 weeks a year keeping the buffet tables stocked and taking care of members’ special needs. Members contributed $1,280 to the crew to help make it a happy holiday, with thanks to team leaders Jesus and Omar.
Thursday’s our annual holiday party featuring the Ragazzi Boys Chorus and some special features. It’s a sit-down lunch this year and reservations are required. Cost is $35 per person and spouses, friends and colleagues are invited to attend. Another $10 donation goes to support the Boys Chorus’ scholarship program. Contact Jeff Atkinson and Rosemary Azem to make a reservation, if you haven’t already. Festivities start at 11:30 at Poplar Creek.
Brian Myers
Coastal California Properties
Mr. Myers presented details of this development project, which, at 14.5 acres, occupies the largest developable parcel of its kind remaining in San Mateo’s transit corridor. The site occupies the quadrangular area bounded by Highway 92, Delaware, Concar and Grant streets, property owned by Jeff Atkinson’s Concar group. It’s across the Delaware/Concar intersection from Essex Properties’ Station Park Green, represented for many years by Alan Talansky.
Rendering of Passage
Passage has been working its way through the city planning process for more than a year and is in the pre-application stage.
Mr. Myers emphasized the design’s “spider web of passages” intended to open up the site, hence the name.
One of the selling points some members had trouble getting their heads around (lovely visual, that!) was the calculation that adding 964 studio, one-, and two-bedroom units in four buildings will cut vehicular traffic by 27 percent, from about 12,000 trips a day to about 9,100.
Myers accounted for the reduction by change in land use. The site now draws regional shopping traffic from a 5- to 10-mile radius to Rite Aid, Trader Joe’s and smaller retailers in the shopping center; whereas, the residential units will be within walking distance of Salesforce, a new WeWork facility, Rakuten and other nearby employers where 5,000 jobs are located. It’s also a block from the Hayward Park Caltrain station.
The proposed development will have 1.3 parking spaces per residential unit. Trader Joe’s will relocate to a new building at Passage and will have 5 parking spaces per 1,000 square feet of retail area. The other retail proposed will get 4 spaces per 1,000 square feet. The total parking is 1,300 spaces for residential, 1,600 spaces for retail.
MVE+Partners, Inc., the architect, has adopted some of the neighborhood architectural features with a bow to Eichler homes in the Sunnybrae neighborhood.
The proposal includes bike and scooter parking, ‘The Depot’ for package drop-off and pick-up and Uber, Lyft and shuttle connections, a restaurant and public spaces including an arts plaza and a large passive recreation area.
Larry Patterson
He’s back in two weeks from a total knee replacement, amazing. Compared to before (“I felt 90 years old”), he looks great and says he feels greater. He’s all ready to take a load off on Dec. 31 when his retirement finally arrives. Who’s next? Arne?
Nicole Cherok
As Nelson Mandela said, it’s only impossible until it’s done. That old Whig Benjamin Franklin liked to say, “Diligence is the mother of good luck.” Google either one of those. You’d be amazed how many words people have devoted to elaborating an aphorism intended to capture one thought in as few words as possible.
Visiting Rotarian
Jim Engel got into the introduction, though, technically, he’s still a member. His new membership in Arizona hasn’t commenced yet, but he can still visit.
Thank You from Your Samaritan House
CEO Bart Charlow took the podium to make sure everyone heard how appreciative Samaritan House is for the tremendous support the club offers. From Operation Santa Claus, through which it coordinates with our own Margaret Taylor, Chief Manheimer and San Mateo PAL, to volunteer Rotarians helping serve meals to cash Community Service grants, Samaritan House has benefited.
Charlow said this support has helped Samaritan House reach two milestones this year. The clothes closet has distributed 50,000 donated items, and the kitchen has served 1 million meals.
Well done.
Your Rotary Meeting Officiators
Martin Harband        Jeff Atkinson        Chris Eckert
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Board Members
Jake Nguyen          Mitch Willliams    Oscar Lopez-Guerra
— Thank you Peter Webb for the photos!
President Bruce Bean
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