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Spinnings for August 2 2018
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President Bruce Bean!
Pledge: Pledge of Allegiance by John DeRussy. Need I say more--Rotary is the only place that seems to keep it going.
Thought of the Day:  Bob Binn led us with some words of wisdom.
Newscast:  Juan Raigoza offered up some typically amazing material with a fantastic delivery.
Announcements & Recognitions:  
Jodi DeSmidt let us know that “Rotary Means Business”.  When Tues, Aug 28, 6-8pm, at Poplar Creek Grill Restaurant.  Pay for your own Apps and Drinks at Happy Hour Prices!
Tony doing his best impersonation of DeNiro: “you talkin’ to me?”
Looks like “Captain Grandpa” got called out again
Tom Huening caught red-handed doing Karaoke
Alan Talanksy trying his hardest not to be fined
Sue Lempert has done a great job promoting Rotary’s efforts in the local paper
T Jack Foster was honored by our club on his 90th Bday. Old friend Joe Cotchett and Nanci Nishimura both contributed to the cause!
Today’s Speaker: 
Steve Okamoto
Steve Okamoto talked of being a child interned with his family at Tanforan, and they were later moved to a permanent camp.  He said the barracks were not all finished when they were sent there, so they ended up having to live in a horse stall for the first couple of weeks.  His mom never forgot that smell. 
Once in the barracks, there was no privacy—just sheets hung between the families.  There were no bathrooms, and there was no running water at Tanforan. When reporting to camp, they were only allowed to bring what they could carry—so many wore multiple layers of clothing on their bodies.  “Ganbari” is the Japanese word for perseverance and persevere is what they did.
Steve recounted that Japanese Americans who were citizens had to sell their property for pennies on the dollar.  Upon the end of the war, when they were released, many shunned them because they were of Japanese descent.
Thank you for a very interesting discussion.
Spinnings Editor, Chuck Cattano
The pen is, indeed, mightier than the sword.
Thanks to the Photo Editor of the week Peter Webb!
President Bruce Bean
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