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Anne LeClair
Spinnings for August 9, 2018
Special thanks to Dick Bennett, our photographer.
Chief Manheimer gave the pledge.  Kitty Lopez shared the Thought of the Day, invoking the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Angel Riley gave the newscast, which included two jokes.
Peter Sortwell was welcomed back in the Sunshine report and it was shared that Lee Osborne has just had back surgery.  (Feel better, Lee! Maybe you can paint the ceiling while you’re flat on your back…worked for Michelangelo!)
Visiting were Craig Judy, formerly of the Hayward Club, and Gene Duffy, our District Governor’s better half. 
Our sweet Jeff Lowenstein announced that it’s time to pay your dues—online or in person at the reg desk—and he’s not even treasurer anymore! 
Smiling Juan Raigoza thanked all of the Fun Run sponsors signed up to-date and noted that $25,700 has been pledged.  He said another $25,000 will be needed to reach this year’s goal of $50,000.  Juan also asked for volunteers to help with the race. 
Movers and Shakedown
 In a sly move to “recognize” Rotarians featured on the cover of the San Mateo Area Chamber’s new business directory, “Prez Bruise”  acknowledged and dunned several club members, including: Cheryl Angeles, Paul Rogerville, Margaret Taylor, Susan Manheimer, Bob Binn, Chris Eckert, Larry Patterson, Dennis Thomas, Rachel DelMonte and Larry Patterson.  Susan Manheimer eagerly offered a President’s Club fine after getting in a jab about a photo.  (Taser wit?)  Stay tuned for “paybacks”!
Reminders Given
Dick Bennett said 20 people have signed up so far for the August 16 Music in the Park in San Mateo.  The club will provide burgers—attendees are asked to email Jodi DeSmidt or Dick and to bring a potluck dish.
Curiodyssey is hosting a reception open to our club members on September 26.  It is also an official event for the Burlingame Rotary Club.  Please email Rachel Meyer if you plan to attend.
Committees Seeking Help!!
Don Leydig is seeking dedicated Rotarians to serve on the Middle School Scholarship SMART Program Committee. 
Don Shoecraft is seeking Rotarian writers anxious to share the good news.
On with the Show….
Assistant District Governor Tony Villanueva introduced our guest District Governor Jayne Hulbert and proceeded to “interview” her. 
Among the questions and her answers:
Q: How many clubs/people in District 5150? A: 43 clubs; 17 in SMC; 1800 Rotarians
Q.        Any favorite clubs? A: SM rotary is the biggest and the best (But SF Club  nipping at our heels size-wise)
Q: What do you hope that we accomplish in our District this year?  A: Get the clubs more involved with/in giving to the District Foundation.  What you give comes back to you in matching funds in three years.
Q: This year's theme is "Be The Inspiration." Who inspires you and in what way do you want our Rotarians to be inspirational?  A: Each Rotarian inspires me. We should go to the people who inspire us and thank them.
Q: Speaking of inspiration, what was your inspiration for your personal "Celebrate" theme? A: I like to celebrate everything, hence the name “Champagne Jayne”. Life is short and you never know what’s coming.
Q: I know that you are passionate about polio eradication. Why, particularly given that the United States has been rid of the disease for a couple of decades?  A: Gene’s dad had polio and Gene always had to help him; my sister had it in 1949 and was in and out of the hospital for years.  Now only 13 cases of polio in the world and those in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but it’s only a plane ride away.
Q:What job would you be terrible at? A: Baseball pitcher
A fun interview with a fun DG, without “standing O’s” or brightly colored jackets. YAY!
Doing our President’s Bidding…
With that, Pres Bean-ie conducted a chaotic reverse auction during which we weren’t sure how the bidding was working, but we were biding anyway.  Tony V was bidding up and up, with no guarantee that the final, low bidder would not get the basket.  (Please don’t try to follow this if you weren’t there!) He ended up winning it, with numerous Rotarians donating to the District Foundation during the basket auction.  (Credit goes toward our Paul Harris awards.) 
To end the meeting, our fearless leader passed out pins to his Board members: Prez-Elect Anne Campbell, Treasurer Chuck Osborn, Secretary Matt Lau, Rod Linhares, Erin Sinclair, Bill Kenney, Cathy Levitt, Jim Engel, Paul Karson and Steve Fick.
President Bruce Bean
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