Bulletin Editor
Rachel Meyer
Marion Brown
Thought of the Day: June Lamb
“Remember that  life is a full-time informal school and every day gives you an opportunity to
learn lessons.  You can think the lessons are irrelevant and stupid and you can try to blame
something outside yourself rather than learn from them.  Blaming is a declaration of impotency 
and you will accept the identity of victim.  All victims are volunteers.”
Newscast: Anel Riley
Many lawyer jokes-reading through estate planning transcripts:
Lawyer to Coroner...did you check for pulse? No. Did you check breathing? No. Why do you know he is dead? His brain is in a jar on my desk.
No Sunshine Report
No Visiting Rotarians
Guests: Yes, there several
Our club is creating a gift basket that will be auctioned off at the Foster City Rotary club meeting
Please contact Sheila Canzian if you'd like to contribute something!
FUN RUN — Alan Talansky
It's Oct. 21. Same place, same time. Looking for Sponsors!
What do these dates have in common?
July 21, 1928
March 31, 1966
July 1, 1974
July 21, 2018
Wait for it... T Jack Foster! Celebrated his 90th birthday, July 21!
Joined Rotary in March of 1966
And became president in in July of 1974.  He started the President's Club.
President Bruce asked anyone who wanted to join the T Jack Foster's Club to rise. Nearly the entire club got on its feet!
There will be collecting to do!
T. Jack, his brothers and father.


Amy Guarino, COO of Kyndi, Inc.
Has spent 30 years in teach in the valley.  Provided a narrative of her journey.
Graduated from Notre Dame, the 10th class of women. 80% males, 20% female student body.
Advice given by a nun, drink the beer, not the punch!
After graduation, joined IBM during the heyday of P.C.'s
Her boss at the time, Eric Lee gave her great guiding principals;
1) Do your best all the time
2) Develop an expertise
3) Build out your own PR...make those around you aware of what you're doing
Married, had 2 boys and took time off.
Looking for the next thing...the internet was taking off. Joined a group, IPASS that provided software as a service, e.g. Salesforce.
When she began looking past Big Blue, she again got great advice from a VC friend:
1) No cares about your career— you're on your own
2) Mange your career as a VC portfolio — review your choices every 2 - 4 years.
Following that advice, she got involved with several more start-ups, one being Marketo — which created a cloud application in the marketing space.
She was VP of Development  and the company followed the positive "law of income growth" — triple, triple double, double.
She developed new, mostly international markets, and formed a joint venture with Densu (largest marketing firm in Japan) and lived there with her husband for 15 months. She was following the advice of get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
After about 12 years she was again looking for the next big thing... Artificial Intellengece
She joined Kyndi.
They specialize in explainable AI. (Others focus on deep learning and building neural nets). They focus on natural language representation and why systems are coming up with the the answers that they do. They were featured in the NY Time Business section. 
How did she assess what companies that have ingredients of success?
1)There was a really big market
2) Great management team
3) Great finances or VC investments
4) Provide a "must have" not a "nice to have" "product"
5) Some buzz
— Rachel Meyer, Ed.
Photos by Peter Webb
President Bruce Bean
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