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Anne LeClair
Rotary Spinnings for March 14, 2019 (Pi Day!)
Thank you to Peter Webb, MD, for the photos!
The Prelude…
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by T. Jack Foster.  Nicole Cherok read three different quotes as our thought(s) of the day, noting that life is made up of little things.
Sheila Canzian handled the newscast, describing why men are happier than women.  (Among the reasons: “The world is your urinal.”)
Dick DeLuna identified the scarf he left behind weeks ago and had to pay President Bruce $50 to retrieve it, saying, “Just don’t tell Matilda I lost it!”
Announcements of the Day….
Sheila Canzian was on again, explaining to all that the women from Three will be taking over the contract of Poplar Creek as of April 1, subject to contract approval by the City Council.  She said that the facility will be closed to the public for the first two weeks in April to allow for  renovations. The new operators have agreed to keep the banquets going during those weeks, but she said it’s possible the club will be moved to the other side during that time.
Steve Way reported that Rich Orr is taking care of his wife Marilyn, post-surgery. Feel better, Marilyn!
Bruce Parris introduced his guest from Prometheus Development, Patrick Callahan.  
Rosemary Azem, who wasn’t aware that she was introducing visiting Rotarians, asked if we had any visitors. Nope!
Prez Bean-stalk thanked Mike Peterson and all who distributed the 600 dictionaries. 
With that, Raffle Chair Mike Peterson announced that it’s raffle time and our goal is to net $43,000 to $47,000. Let’s hit $50K, gang—we can do it if everyone tries!  It's up to ALL of us!!
Prez Bruce said the scholarship envelopes have been handed out. He also noted that the last Community Service Committee meeting will be held April 11 following our club luncheon. 
Past Prez Tony announced that Rotary Connects, a networking group made up of the San Mateo, Menlo Park, San Carlos, Redwood City and Woodside/Portola Valley clubs, will hold a networking event on Wednesday, March 27 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at Menlo College. 
Prez-Elect Ann Campbell gave “a hearty note of appreciation” to the club for donating $10,800 to the Camp Fire victims.  She thanked Gerry Bundy and Angel Riley for their help with the project and noted that $5,000 of the money came from the District in matching funds.
Angel announced that seats are still available for Mamma Mia on May 17 at 8 PM at Hillbarn. Hillbarn will provide wine, meat and cheese to those arriving at 7:15 PM. Tickets are $24 each.  Please see either Angel or Dick for tickets.
Jamie Casey was the only one fined--if you don't include Dick's scarf purchase— for a picture of his three grandchildren under the age of five. Jamie and his wife took care of the three while their parents were on vacation.
Finally, Prez Bruce announced that Carl Guardino will be our speaker next week.
And On with The Show…
Following an intro by Walt McCullough, Gordon Clark of the Peninsula Open Space Trust made a presentation entitle A Legacy of Conservation. 
Among the points he made:
  • POST is over 40 years old and has a team of 50 people;
  • “POST protects open space on the Peninsula and in the South Bay for the benefit of all.”
  • POST has been involved in protecting more than 76,000 acres of land, with 2/3 of the land transferred into public ownership;
  • Early, POST was addressing projects individually, but now they take a more mature approach, thinking about the entire landscape and the two million people living here;
  • They focus on connectivity--identifying and prioritizing projects, protecting properties by acquiring land and conservation easements and partnering with various people and organizations to transfer land to public ownership;  
  • In 36 instances, they have bought land and allowed it to remain private (e.g. farms), but allowing no division of the property;
  • Private partners have included farmers, private land owners, other land trusts and sustainable forestry operations;
  • About five years ago, they began programs to allow public access, and the preservation of Redwoods, wildlife linkages and farmland;
  • They have five regional trail projects: Bay to Sea, California Coastal, Long Ridge to Pomponio and Coyote Creek Trail. (Wait-that's only four--pretend you didn't count--I obviously missed one!);
  • A recent project is Tunitas Creek Beach, a mile long stretch of beach that had been trashed by high school and college rave parties.  Within two years, POST hopes to have transferred the property to  SM County;
  • POST has protected 20,000 acres of Redwoods to-date, and they’re on their way to protecting 20,000 acres;
  • They’re working to protect wildlife linkages in Coyote Valley—the last chance for wildlife to get in or out of the mountain range;
  • They’re buying farmland and working to triple the number of family farms they are preserving on our Coastside by leasing land to farmers to permanently safeguard the farmland. ###



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